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Guess what, we dont have any money!

Nothing to contribute to bail funds for Palestinian non-violent resistors arrested en mass after demonstrations in collective punishment...

Nothing to pay for the video cameras, DVDs and solicitors that are needed to prove our Palestinian collegues are innocent each and every time that false charges are presented to silence them...

Nothing to pay the costs of the Palestinian coordinators who spend their lives organising non-violent resistence in their communities...

Let alone anything to sponor long-term volunteers in Palestine.

So please help us. Click on the link below to donate by Paypal, Credit or Debit card. If you have no money, email for fundraising ideas.

If you cant do either of those, please send a supportive email to

We even accept gifts, which we can raffle off in our charity events. The gifts we receive can be anything from dvds to driving experience days as we really appreciate any gifts we receive as all the funds raised get put back into the Bristol ISM fund.

Thank you for all your support.

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