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From Bristol to Palestine for the Olive Harvest 2006

Bristol Volunteers needed for the Olive Harvest 2006 in Palestine!

Ichad volunteer and Palestinian man occupy a house slated for demolitionPalestinian communities are calling for the presence of international activists to support them in the 2006 Olive Harvest. Bristol ISM can provide information, traning and support for any activists wishing to take part.

Since October 2000, hundreds of thousands of olive trees have been bulldozed, uprooted, or burned by the Israeli military and Israeli settler colonists. This year-round violence is supplemented each autumn by shootings, beatings, vandalism, intimidation and the establishment of checkpoints, all aimed at preventing the harvest and transportation of the Olives for sale at local markets.

However, this year, as every year, Palestinians will attempt to press on with the Olive Harvest in the face of violence from Settlers and the Israeli Army. This year, as every year, they will be supported by Israeli and International activists who use non-violent resistance tactics to counter this violence. This year as every year, the solidarity offered by international activists will enable many families to pick their olives, stay in their communities, and put aside money for the coming year. There is an especially big need for the campaign this year, as a large harvest is expected.

Jars of olives in Nablus, PalestineGround work has been done by ISM activists in the Nablus region, making contacts with villages in the region who would like to have international accompaniment because of dangers they will face from Israeli colonists, and obstruction and harassment from the Israeli army. Many of these villages have worked with Bristol activists before.

The Olive Harvest Campaign, part of the people's non-violent resistance to the occupation, will begin in mid-October and last until December. Some villages have expressed a desire for internationals from mid-October although most villages we have contacted will start picking after the three day religious holiday of Eid il Fitr, which is expected to be from October 25-27.

The first Olive Harvest orientation and training will be held on October 15th and 16th and will continue every Sunday and Monday until the end of the Olive Harvest. During Eid il Fitr there will be no olive picking.

Important Notes:

Scorched earth - an olive grove after destruction by settlers1- It is recommended that you stay for at least two weeks, though if this is not possible, your presence anytime throughout the duration of the campaign is appreciated.

2- Costs are approximately £60 per week for food, accommodation and travel in Palestine. Flights start from £220.

3- The two-day training and orientation is mandatory for activists participating in the non-violent resistance, including the Olive Harvest.

4. It is recommended that you bring some "home comforts" with you such as a nintendo ds or your costa blanca web design, as it can get very boring in the evenings.

Contact 'info (at)' to get involved. If you wish to speak to our kind sponsor bristol airport parking then use the email address on their website


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