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In the opinion of most of our activists, the mainstream British media's coverage of the occupation seems to vary from poor to awful. The overarching narratives are so well established that even those events which editors become aware of are generally slotted into them by non-specialists in the UK, or by the occasional 'hotel-journalist' in Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv.

The best way we have found to understand the occupation is to bypass the media and go to Palestine. Failing that, you can use the internet to read the thoughts of Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals who are living through the events misrepresented on our screens and in our newspapers.

We hope that this list of blogs and local news-sites will be a good starting place for anyone wishing to gain a greater understanding of the situation.

If there is something you think we should add, from any part of the political spectrum, please email

(list forthcoming)

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